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Whether you’re renting, own a home or still live with your parents, you’ll find something to inspire your next or first decor project.

Created by Annabel Okeya, a budding Interior Decorator, My Base Space is where I share my decor inspiration and tips for renters and millennials like me.

the author

I've always loved interior decor. So much so that I wanted to get some sort of certification for it. At the time, my mum was paying my tuition, so she had a say in the matter. Let's just say, she wasn't impressed with my choice of program. I decided to go for a 'more professional' course that would 'earn me money' and teach myself interior decor by any means possible.

I spend my free time perusing the web for the latest interior decor news and finds. I’m a creative professional by day and I run 'The Space' (aka this blog, MBS or My Base Space) in my free time. I have this – somewhat – unhealthy obsession with all things decor and you can follow my recent finds on Pinterest.

Graphic design and photography are the other two things I’m passionate about. I designed this blog from scratch and if you take some time to browse some pages, you’ll see some graphics that I designed as well. From gift guides to post graphics and more! Look out for my portfolio page shortly.

the blog

My Base Space is my brainchild and was born from a love for creating. My goal is for MBS to become one of the go-to sources of inspiration for young-ins around the world for all things renting and interiors, irrespective of style, budget or location.

For partnerships or collaborations, please fill out the contact form or shoot me an email at hello[at]mybasespace[dot]com.

My Base Space is based in Toronto, Canada.


Cheat Sheet

Name: Annabel Okeya
Location: Toronto
Early Bird or Night Owl: Early bird
The Space: A 1000 sq. ft apartment built in the 80s
Decor Style: Minimalist-Scandinavian
Season: Fall
Dream Destination: Mykonos, Greece
Favorite Food: Korean BBQ